Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die

by Swords Of Texas

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a Hammer Rock City flashback of doom!

“The fifth horseman of the apocalypse, Schmoog Lebowski, throws down a storm of psych-doom heavy lightning bolts upon the cowering unwashed with his guttural seizures EP, Too Weird To Die, Too Rare To Die. Under a miasma of noise and strangulated primal muffling vocals, the grand magi of Swords Of Texas conducts a real morbid trip through the mind of Catholic Spain’s saviour El Cid, whilst preying to the funereal pyre of Wagner’s Valkyrie. Hell, it’s a lot more fun than listening to Arabrot that’s for sure: file under albums to listen to whilst the decadent west burns.”
- Dominic Valvona, Monolith Cocktail (Dec 08, 2012)

“Slow-burning psychedlia... A wild, veering style that careers between Earthless's more balls-out cosmic moments and a sludgier Electric Wizard, if they'd sniffed glue instead of listened to Black Sabbath... The rhythm is all over the place, the bass and drums seem to fall completely apart towards the end but the thread of space-noise keeps the whole thing tied up in a very pleasing way... A gloriously unhinged mess that sounds like early Om broke their amps and forced an auto-tuned bear to sing for them. Yes, THAT good... If Schmoog acheived this much with, in his own words, 'a 5-string bass guitar, a 4-track digital recorder, beat production software, and an old keyboard leaning against the wall', then he is one to watch... If you are sitting at home, craving a less completely tits-crazy Anal Electric Fur Harvest, but with more driving bass, then I would urge you to investigate Swords of Texas.”
- Rob Batchelor, Beard Rock (May 22, 2012)

“As the man that lead 13 Bags of Dick, Schmoog Lebowski produced eight albums of experimental music. But it was shortly after he’d fired most of the other band members live on stage that he came to grips with what he really wanted to do. During one particularly hot summer night, Lebowski decided to explore some of the darker sides of his own personal existence. Fuelled by whatever smoke and liquid refreshment he could find, he took to his five–string bass, a four–track recorder, beat software, and keyboard and would fashion his own experimental doom/stoner rock introduction... Uneasy listening, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die is meant to produce a different kind of reaction... Once fuelled, Swords of Texas is a vehicle that drags you into an otherworldly abyss, not necessarily regular fair on our local stage but a music that has seemingly developed a worldwide cult following... The response so far has been resoundingly positive by stoner and doom rock aficionados.”
- Ric Taylor, View Magazine (Mar 01, 2012)

“['Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die'] is weird as shit, for sure. And I’m guessing because I listened to it, sober. 'A Trip with el Cid' opens with a weird repetitive droned-out, spaced-up drum & bass pattern that sounds like the Swedish Chef inhaled a roasting bowl of LSD... The closer, 'Valkyrie Hymn,' sounds like the perfect soundtrack for a nice and toasty schizophrenic walk through a haunted boneyard somewhere in the middle of Mars... There’s promise here, for sure... I fear SOT’s listeners could a.) be passed-out completely fried by mid-album or b.) be totally lost and tripped the fuck out floating inside a UFO somewhere between Roswell and Tranceylvania. But that’s just my prerogative.”
- Mack Sabbath, (Feb 17, 2012)

“Where to start with Swords of Texas? Besides the badass name, the music really isn’t traditional in any sense. It’s heavy and mixes up a variety of styles like doom, sludge, and stoner rock but also mixes in bits of noise rock and electronic music. Once that’s all together, there’s a very noticeable level of psychedelics involved... You really can’t go wrong.”
- The Soda Shop (Jan 23, 2012)

“Slob sludge alongside dark, space-atmospheres lead us in this trip to the centre of the universe, where, along with a very carico [Italian word for when you fill your bong/joint with a lot of grass!] bong and surrounded by the deepest darkness, we will make an hours-long trip meeting the strangest space-creatures you've ever imagined... We wait for the next interstellar trip offered by the Lebowsky Spaceways...”
- Ila Satsumo))))), Doommabbestia (Jan 22, 2012)

“Swords Of Texas play a very trippy haleucogenic brand of Experimental Stoner Rock/Sludge/Noise/Ambient all wrapped in one highly addictive package. This is the work of one highly talented individual - Schmoog Lebowski. A bit of Electric Wizard worship and magic substances to the other dimension later and Swords Of Texas is the nearest you can possibly get of a so called legal high... Imagine if Philip K. Dick and Frank Zappa joined up to start a band this would be the spaced out messed up result. And I loved every cosmic minute of it. It might take you a few listens or trips to get it but once you do this is one trip you will take time and time again... Brilliant stuff from a highly warped out trippy individual.”
- The Sludgelord (Jan 11, 2012)

“Fucking strange shit.. Deep and deeper... A kind of nice music... But I think not for everyone... My favorite song, 'the Majestic Purple Bastard.'”
- Stonerhead Let Groove Your Brains Tonight (Jan 10, 2012)

“Their just released EP [Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die] costs only $0.99. Don’t be cheap, skip the Big Mac and get this!”
- The Soda Shop (Jan 09, 2012)

“Take Electric Wizard and mix it with a pinch of Frank Zappa and Butthole Surfers and you get Hamilton-based stoner sludge metal artist Swords of Texas... It is safe to say that Swords of Texas is pretty darn weird. [This] version of stoner sludge / psych doom is the kind of music that you will either love or hate. It is both trippy, extremely laid back and kind of dark...”
- Heino Døssing, (Jan 07, 2012)

“Blowing in from Ontario, Canada, on the cusp of a cursed miasma; the indecorous psycho-doom sounds of Schmoog Lebowski, prompt such stunned responses as, 'Jesus fucking Christ!!', or, 'What the Fuck?!!'. Under the cryptic talisman moniker Swords of Texas – perhaps an allusion to some fabled southern Masonic lodges, or sub Bilderburg passage of rites – the former 13 Bags of Dick protagonist produces music to burn the 'decadent' west to... Lebowski’s style of chain-rattling doom and stoner-rock fortunately avoids falling into the usual clichés of the dark arts; pushing away from drawn-out one-note boring opuses for a heavier cacophonic atmosphere...”
- Dominic Valvona, Monolith Cocktail (Jan 06, 2012)

“The overall effect is like having acid dropped into your morning coffee unexpectedly, and then being dragged off to some sort of space rock equivalent to Orwell's dreaded Room 101, to have your mind ripped apart... As an omen of where the stoner/psyche/sludge underground is heading in 2012, it's undoubtedly a good one... Fucked up, and fabulously so.”
- Stephen O'Connor, Born Again Nihilist (Jan 04, 2012)

“Crade et psyché à souhait, le stoner drogué de Swords Of Texas convoque les fantômes de Can et les ombres d’Acid Mothers Temple pour cinq titres alternant vagues cosmiques et bourrasques arides sur fond de batterie hypnotique et de riffs doomesques. Il est notamment question d’une chasse aux zombies et d’un chant de valkyrie, autant dire que l’on se croirait plus d’une fois en plein western martien façon John Carpenter, les corbeaux en plus, à l’écoute de ce premier EP du projet de Schmoog Lebowski qui nous met dans les pas d’El Cid, le genre d’anti-héros anachronique dont on ne saurait trop se méfier sous ses allures de marginal bourru en plein bad trip.”
- Indie Rock Mag (Jan 01, 2012)

“Definitely something you would want in the background of a science fiction video game, or while reading War Of The Worlds... Schmoog has a cool tone to his voice, as though it is somehow melting.”
- Kristine Wales, Hamilton Punk Musicians Contingent (Dec 30, 2011)

recorded between August and November of 2010.


released January 1, 2012

Schmoog Lebowski - vocals, bass, keyboards, programming, recording, mixing

Caveman Geistreich - additional Acid Mothers worship/peeling phantom flesh keyboards (Tracks 1, 2, & 4)

mastered by Jecklyn Hyde

original cover art by Lizz Cleland



all rights reserved


Swords Of Texas Hamilton, Ontario

Alone in the heat of the night - with no entertainment other than a 5-string bass guitar, a 4-track digital recorder, beat production software, and an old keyboard leaning against the wall - Schmoog climbed out of the heavy sludge, waved his way through the thick smoke, and ripped the bong once more. He knocked back a shot of gin, then declared, "that was smooth," as he exhaled the toke. ... more

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